There can be no doubt that we are living in the days of the end times and a period of time that biblical scripture refers to as the times that will repeat themselves as it was in the days of Noah. These times serve to prove that the biblical seven years of global judgment called the Great Tribulation is upon us and the return of Christ is at hand. There can be no doubt that God has sent a myriad of signs to confirm that, many of which have been signaled from the heavens above us. If we are to believe what Jesus had to say, then we must conclude that these cosmic signs portend that something catastrophic is on the horizon. It is with this thought in mind that I go back to something that happened on March 23, 1997.  There was an extraordinary lunar eclipse on March 23 of that year, which coincided with the festival of Purim. This, in and of itself, was remarkable, yet even more remarkable was that, as the light of the full moon was being slowly hidden by the sun’s shadow, the comet Hale-Bopp gleamed even brighter. Hale-Bopp was a comet that, just a few years before, was undiscovered. No one but God knew it was out there. Though it remained visible for many more weeks following, that particular weekend in March actually marked the zenith of Hale-Bopp’s visibility. This extraordinary comet was visible to the naked eyes of the entire world. It was the most widely viewed comet of the 20th century. So then, what are we to deduce by it’s appearance? Read on… From the earth, Hale-Bopp appeared nearly 50,000 times brighter than Halley’s comet. It was discovered on July 23, 1995, in the constellation Sagittarius. The February 14, 1997 issue of “PSR Discoveries” reported that, “On August 2, 1995… pre-discovery images were found on photographic plates taken at the Anglo-Australian Observatory on April 27, 1993. The image showed that the comet was active… It was found at the last… passage of the comet was nearly 4,200 years ago.”  There are two very significant points revealed in this quote. First, though discovered two years later, the earliest visible evidence we have of the comet was aquired on April 27, 1993. That date, on the Hebrew calender, was 6 Iyar. This proves to be very interesting, for this Hebrew date is the anniversary of a very significant prophetic event.  On that same Hebrew date, forty-five years before this photograph was taken, the British mandate over Palestine ended (the number of 45 years will become prophetically significant later in this article). The date on our calendar was May 15, 1948, and was the day that Israel officially became a nation. Although Israel’s Independence was declared the day before, it did not take effect until after Midnight on May 15. It seems to me that the link these two events share – the same Hebrew date – classifies the appearance of Hale-Bopp as a significant sign of the time of the end. As significant as that information seems to be, the article delivers yet another bombshell. It reveals that the last time Hale-Bopp passed through our skies was about 4,200 years ago. This is an amazing revelation.


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